Mara Treetops Luxury Camp - Maasai Mara

Responsible Travel

At Mara Treetops Luxury camp our goal is to provide guests with a unique and personalized safari experience with a focus on attention to detail while making a significant contribution to the environment, wildlife, and culture and Eco system.

Water Supply

Through its corporate social investment, Mara Treetops Luxury Camp has sank boreholes to provide local communities with clean water that is used for drinking and other domestic chores.


Mara Treetops Tented Camp employs around 30% of its staff from the local community, training them from scratch to become professional guides, barman and waiters. With each employed individual is supporting an average of 8 dependents.


We support the needy students through the assistance of the community elders.

Waste Management System.

All waste water, coming from the Kitchen, the guests tents and staff houses is led into the sewage system .From here its redirected into septic tank. The waste water is then mechanically and biologically treated as it runs through channels of charcoal and sand filters .The water ends into huge soak pits. The surface water is collected and used for watering our trees and bush garden.

Solar Power.

We use solar energy exclusively in the camp and water is heated using solar powered boilers, providing 24 hours electricity throughout the camp.